Hero Bird Consultancy

The stormbird sounds early warning of coming storms, calls clear guidance during the squall, and leads the flight from darkness to clear skies.

We are advisors for our times
We are your StormBirds

StormBirds Organisational Strategies (StormBirds) is a specialist consultancy providing smart strategy, considered communications and effective crisis and media management.

After two decades of managing loss of reputation, disasters, and events, we offer solutions that are simple, practical, courageous and born of experience. While we can activate at a moment’s notice when the unexpected happens – the best defence against damaging crises is always good preparation.

We work with you early to identify risks, establish clear direction, and build engagement and networks.  When disruption occurs, you are in control – the hard thinking has been done, your teams know what to do, and you are perfectly placed to take advantage of the opportunities a world in flux presents.

If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that no one was really prepared for a pandemic that experts had long warned would happen.  It has changed the world forever. What else are you unprepared for?

At StormBirds we work to make a difference. We are in our element in times of uncertainty and ambiguity.