Opportunity in change

When you are in control of a crisis, you are perfectly placed to take advantage of the emergent opportunities that a world in flux presents. 2020 has been the perfect case study for why StormBirds exists. Most small businesses, large organisations – even whole governments – had not planned for a pandemic, nor the impacts to supply chains, customer demand and bottom line. They had not prepared for the public fallout and many faced serious reputational damage because of their inability to pivot.  We work with organisations well in advance to identify potential pain points, so that when the storm hits – the hard thinking has already been done.

Building trust

The single biggest predictor of successful change engagement is the level of trust people have in the organisation and its leaders. We step out a people-focused approach to develop and grow trust with your staff and stakeholders.

Change management advice and oversight

Successful change can be hard, no matter how big or small that change. Engaging and enabling every layer of your business is essential for developing resilient and agile teams.  StormBirds can tailor processes, tools, and techniques to ensure your team embraces, champions, and grows into, even the most difficult change.  

Crisis communication planning and execution

The middle of an emergency is not the time to be drafting a response plan.  We work with you to create clear, concise, and easily implemented communication plans before the unexpected happens, to help you respond quickly, take control, and recover faster.

Risk mitigation and brand/reputation management

Risks can become issues, issues can escalate to crisis, and crisis can lead to brand and reputation damage.  Successful businesses work to identify, understand, and manage risks effectively before they become reputationally damaging crises.  StormBirds can help you map out a comprehensive risk matrix giving you full visibility of potential pain points within your organisation, so you can identify and mitigate those early risks.

Senior executive support

We work alongside your executive during crisis and change to offer advice and assistance. We can develop resources and plans to support their role and increase capacity during times of stress.

Strategic business continuity framework development

As a business you have standard business continuity processes. Once a situation becomes greater than your ability to manage within those processes, or the situation begins to impact external stakeholders or systems, then you have a crisis. StormBirds can elevate and amplify your existing frameworks to embrace crisis.

Disaster response planning

The power in disaster response planning is not a document on a shelf – it is your people already knowing what to do and being empowered to do it. We refine existing processes and responses so that they can be easily understood and applied to both the ordinary and the extraordinary.