StormBirds adds value by:

  • Partnering with executives and Boards to identify, prepare for, and thrive before, during and after adversity.
  • Providing practical solutions, smart planning, and effective communication for real world challenges.
  • Boosting and protecting your business by helping you find and elevate your voice.
  • Bringing in executive level strategic support to increase capacity during times of stress.
  • Sharing our combined expertise, along with a global network of advisors to build better solutions.
  • Creating a corporate culture that harnesses the power of your staff and stakeholders.
  • Being fast, flexible and agile so you can pivot quickly. 
  • Working to strengthen your reputation, build key alliances and bank staff and customer trust.

Power in planning

Building solid relationships, strategy and procedure when the going is good, will help protect and strengthen your organisation through change and challenge.

  • Leadership coaching
  • Board governance and strategy 
  • Organisational culture and engagement
  • Organisational realignment and staff transition
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Scenario planning and facilitation
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Clarity in communication

Modelling clear, consistent, and considered communications provides you with avenues directly to your market when you most need it.

  • Media spokesperson services
  • Media interview preparation 
  • Media awareness briefings
  • Media liaison and management 
  • Key message creation
  • Corporate communications strategy
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Opportunity in change​

Crisis brings opportunities that we work to discover and use to your advantage, so you can thrive in the aftermath and make change work for you.

  • Building trust
  • Change management advice and oversight
  • Crisis communication planning and execution
  • Risk mitigation and brand/reputation management
  • Senior executive support
  • Transition and outplacement planning
  • Strategic business continuity framework development
  • Disaster response planning
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